Year 2 Change

What would you change about your life if you could?


Spiritual matters?

Kicking bad habits/addictions?

The other day Puddie and I were chatting… we like to do that from time to time since we are married and all 😉

Anyhoo, we realized that a year can be a pretty powerful thing…

In 2011- a year ago this week in fact- we decided to commit to a new church, and completely transformed our church-going habits.

Back in 2010 we committed to fixing our finances and completely transformed the way we handled money.

After discussing the “roll” we have been on, we decided that we will continue the streak of change each year with a new goal.

Focusing for 365 days on one area our family needs to improve on.


Excitement began building…

How freeing it is to think with a little focus and a lot of determination, within a year, we can break free from another one of the issues we feel is holding us back.

Do you think you could do it?

Commit to 1 year to see if you can finally tackle whatever it is bugging you…

That issue that whispering in your ear that this is just how it is…



To tell the voice that says “it is, what it is” that it isn’t over just quite yet?

We are.

And we are going to document it all here- EVERY WEEK.

Want to join us?

We will be making the BIG announcement of our next challenge on Monday… (Edited to Add: Click here for the announcement)

In the meantime you can join us on Facebook and Pinterest for inspiration on any changes you may want to make and to make sure you don’t miss a moment of the life changing action 😉