Looking Ahead: A Year of Losing, Gaining and Giving

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It is Friday morning here at the neighborhood Panera.  In three days Cris and I start our year-long adventure with Year 2 Change and as I sit here stuffing my face with a spinach and bacon souflee, big shortbread cookie and large iced tea soaked in sugar, I feel myself hit with a bout of guilt.  Part of that feeling comes with knowing that the in three days, the way I will look at food and activity with change completely so I am on a mission to consume everything I can this weekend so that I can “let it all hang out” one last time.  I am giving myself an excuse to indulge, or overindulge in all reality.  I’ll probably stop somewhere for a burger and fries for lunch, and then this afternoon I have already promised Miss Add a movie night where I will stuff myself with pizza and soda pop until I feel like I will pop.  I’m already planning my day out…food by food.

The other side of this guilt is knowing that as I plan out my future heart attack due to the fact I have the resources and means to eat whatever I want whenever I want, 1 in 6 folks here in Indiana woke up this morning not knowing what they would eat.  That is 16 percent of our population here in the state…over a million people. Their choice isn’t between the souflee or the french toast bagle…their choice is either they eat, or their kid eats.  Either they eat or they pay the light bill, gas bill, rent, buy medicine, etc…  They can’t afford to do both.

This kills me more than the carbs I’m still munching on as I type this.

One of the bazillion reasons why I love my wife is she has passion for cause.  When she steers her mind toward a problem she relentlessly goes after that problem until it is resolved or until she has done all she can do.  One of her (and my) passions is to feed the hungry.  We desire to make sure that the 1 in 6 that woke up this morning can take in the nourishment they need so they can tackle what life hands them.  We want to make sure that each child in Indiana doesn’t go off to school with a “grumbly tummy” as Miss Add calls it because there wasn’t enough in the bank to cover both breakfast and the mortgage.

Cris and I are extremely successful in our separate lives.  She flourishes in the blogosphere as well as her consulting business.  I am a professional railroader with the experience to move billions of dollars of freight daily throughout the United States.  We built our life around being good at what we do.  Together with the sense of responsibility, pride and passion for meeting our goals we decided to team up for our new adventure, Year 2 Change.

Over the next 365 days we are going to change our lives together, forever.  We are going to make better, healthier choices in what we eat as well as the activities we do.  No more last minute deep dish pizza for dinner decisions.  No more washing down steak and mashed potatoes with a couple (or more) beers at 11:30 at night.  No more 2 a.m. trots down the stairs for a bowl of Cap’n Crunch because I thought I heard my belly gurgle…(turns out it was just gas from the beer).

In this next year we don’t just want to change our own life, but also the lives of others.  As Goode As It Gets is also teaming up with Feeding Indiana’s Hungry or FIsH to feed those who are in need here at home.

For every pound that Cris and I lose, we will dontate a pound of food to FIsH.  We don’t want to stop there either.  We want you to join us on our adventure too.  We encourage you to donate to FIsH to support our fellow Hoosiers or to your own local food bank, wherever you may be, to help those in need as well as to help cheer us on!

We also invite you to join us in our Year 2 Change…

Now I don’t mean that you all, dear readers, need to hit the gym or put down the doughnuts.  We wouldn’t dare tell you what to change about yourselves.  That choice is completely up to you.  We all have something we can change for the better about ourselves, be it finances, spiritual matters, family relationships, etc.  Take a year with us as we show you our change for the GOODE and tell us how you commit to changing your next year.

We ask that you hold us accountable in our commitment in this adventure.  We also want to know how you are changing your next year for the better.  We will support you just like you are supporting us!

Come with us… this next year will be one heck of a ride!!!

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