I Grunt A lot…

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I have noticed one particular quirk about me lately, I grunt a lot.  I wake up in the morning and as I roll out of bed and get to my feet, I grunt.  I bend down to put my shoes on and I grunt.  I reach for the remote to turn on my favorite show and I grunt.  I make a move toward my wife to spice up the evening and I… yup…  Hot, huh?

I haven’t always had this quirk.  I can’t remember as a kid doing any activity where I grunted while doing anything…except when I was feeding Dad’s pigs, but that was because I was heaving 50-65 pound feed bags from a truck to the hog lot so they could eat.

So where did this new little thingy come from?

According to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute’s body mass index calculator my body mass index, or BMI is 35.9.  That doesn’t mean I’m overweight… that means I’m obese. That means the reason I grunt is because I have the equivalent of a huge feed sack wrapped around my mid-section that makes me grunt every time I move my frame around.  Kinda like when I was a normal sized kid feeding the pigs…

This grunting is annoying the crap out of me.

This changes today…

Cris and I have made huge changes in our lives over the past couple of years.  One year we didn’t like how our finances were so we enrolled in Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and completely overhauled the way we handle money.  Then next year we changed the church we worshipped in after a friend challeged us by saying if we visited her church we would never want to go anywhere else.  We went on September 11, 2011 and just celebrated our first of many, many years together at Emmanuel.  We look back on the changes we have made in our lives and truly believe that God has our backs and wants us to keep changing for the better.

As we talked about how blessed we have been with each change in our lives we discussed what our next step would be.  We had the money and the great jobs, and we found the church that God knew our family could grow in the best…what could we possibly need to change?  Our decision was our health.  We’re both on the path to dying young.  Neither one of us leads a healthy style of living.  We consider one workout in the gym every couple of weeks or a couple days here and there on the elliptical followed by days on end of watching crappy television on the couch okay.  It’s not working.  We’re not enjoying what we have because we don’t want to get off of the couch long enough to enjoy it.  We’re going to take this next year to change the way we live.

Year 2 Change is our commitment to ourselves as well as our readers to alter the way we live.  We aren’t going on a diet either.  We are deciding to make healthier choices in what we eat as well as what we do for fun.  Well balanced meals paired with exercise will take the place of fast food and the Xbox.  We are going to enjoy our lives even more and take the next year to learn how to do it.  We are doing this as a team, Cris and I.  We are holding each other accountable just as we did with finances and with getting up for church.  We will be successful in this change.

I don’t want to do this just to quit grunting in the bedroom either… although I think we both look forward to that little quirk going away.  I want to do this so our lives will be filled with enjoyment that no TV show and six pack of beer can bring.

I want to do this so walking in the park together doesn’t seem like a chore. I also want to do this so that I can dance with Miss Add on her wedding day.  I don’t just mean the sappy slow dance either.  I want to do the running man and the cabbage patch just to show my age.  I also want to hold my grandchildren and, God willing, her grandchildren too.

I ask that you, dear reader, will also hold me accountable in this change.  Feel free to send me a comment or e-mail to keep me on my toes… and off the couch!!!


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  • Andrea

    I thought I already commented on this post, but I might have been reading it on the iPad or phone and didn’t. Anyway, good luck to you getting on this path. I’m constantly on and off of it, but I’m back on again and love to hear others doing so, too. And your daughter? That picture? Beautiful. 🙂 I feel ya on why you’re working at it!

    • Mikey @ GOODeOleBoy.com

      YUPPERS! I wanna be around for a LONG time to harass my kid! Thanks for the props. So far so GOODe!!!

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