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What He Meant to Say

It has come to my attention that my dear delusional husband has shared a legendary story with you… Except, I fear  the truth something was … continue reading


10 Things I Love About Him

As you might have guessed by now, Puddie and I like to tease each other and give each other a hard time. But, as much … continue reading

Men vs Women

Bacon, Pillows and Man Flu

Well, it is hard to argue with Puddie’s “research” when it comes to men and women. After nearly 15 years of marriage and together for … continue reading

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Driving Me Crazy

Driving Me Crazy

Dear Reader- Recently the hubs and I found ourselves purchasing a new vehicle. The time had come as my girl had become too undependable to … continue reading

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Cooking Up Trouble… A Smashing Success

Last week we both gave our top 10 reasons why we love each other.  In my post I hinted at a time when my wife … continue reading


10 Things I Love About Her

I’m sure you can tell by now that, at times, this blog can get a little heated with our differing views and opinions on different … continue reading

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The Man Vs. The Woman

Source: Uploaded by user via Kelly on Pinterest   This blog, as you can tell by now, is a He Said/She Said style format.  We … continue reading

My Passenger Side Airbag

My Passenger Side Airbag

Dear Reader, Yesterday you were given the opportunity to read the grossly overstated opinions from my wife about my driving.  It is time to set … continue reading

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